Insulin Pump users

Before going to university…

  1. Speak to your diabetes team in advance
    1. Make sure there are arrangements for continuing funding and further supply of consumables
    2. Make sure your pump is within warranty date
    3. Insure your pump if it is not done by your healthcare team
  2. If you keep your diabetes team at home, you may continue to have your supply of syringes, needles, infusion set, batteries from them but it will be easier to order insulin supplies from your new GP
  3. Have adequate supplies of syringes, needles, infusion set, batteries, spare insulin pens, blood glucose monitoring kits, blood ketone meter and strips
  4. Have a written copy of your basal insulin rate, insulin to carb ratio and insulin sensitivities
  5. Try to do fasting glucose testing to check your basal insulin rate if this has not done recently
  6. Troubleshooting: If you have any technical failure, you may wish to contact your pump manufacturer for technical support. Most companies have a 24 hour helpline